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Hi, my name is Stephen Fryer. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

Back in 1970 I was operation's Manager of NRM Feed with 19 staff on 2 shifts. I held this position for some 15 years. This experience has been a good background for getting me started in business management.

In 1985 the opportunity came up for me to purchase my own company. I purchased Ridpest Services and spent the next few years gaining valuable experience in the Pest Control industry.

In 1989 I purchased Nelson Pest Control Services and merged Ridpest into this larger company.

Nelson Pest Control Services is a well known Nelson company servicing largely the upper South Island, however this company also provided it's services to the rest of New Zealand. It's major role was for the control of bugs, rodent's, bee's etc. It also handled fumigation's under the watchful eye of MAF for inward and outward freight and ships at Port Nelson.

In 1992 I branched out and created Nel-San Hygiene Services in conjunction with Nelson Pest Control Services.

Over the years I've had to keep up with the ever-changing Pest Management environment and keep up to date with extremely dangerous chemicals. I've had to raise the standards of Pest Management especially with respect to chemical handling.

I like to keep myself challenged either with improving my own skills or building something, without these, it was time for a change. So in Feb 2005 I sold my well-established Nelson Pest Control Services and also Nel-San Hygiene Services companies.

Since then I've been searching for a new challenge, little did I know it was under my sink bench all the time. I've had a Water Filter installed for several years and never really gave it much thought. I've been enjoying Pure Water for several years and wouldn't be without it, Pure Excellence!

In May 2006 I purchased K Howden's water filter business and have called this new company A1 Water Filters. I can assure you I will be applying the same diligence and care with this company as I have with all my other ventures. I look forward to the new challenges I will face and know my professionalism will be well received in this industry.

I look forward to discussing with you the benifits of...

Pure Water, Pure Excellence!