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Protect Your Health ------- Is Your Drinking Water Safe???

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Protect Your Health-- and Say good-bye to costly bottled water.  Get unlimited ...fresh, clean, safe, delicious drinking water in your home or work place.

Tap water filters can remove chlorine, bacteria, lead, heavy metals, aluminum, pesticides, chloramine, hydrogen sulfide, trihalomethanes, iron, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium fluoride, sodium (salt), nitrate and other chemicals.

Lead: Can cause organ damage and lead to mental retardation.


Causes bladder, lung & skin cancer; may cause liver and kidney cancer.


Can cause serious illness or death.


By-products may contribute to cancer, birth defects and heart disease.


A heavy metal that can cause breast cancer, kidney damage and bone disease.


A microbe that can harm people with weak immune systems.. .