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.Water Treatment

Water treatment is a culmination of products and services designed to ascertain the best method or methods that would provide a Pure Water experience.

You could throw lot's of different products at your water source to best guess what will produce clean water. This at best is a hit and miss method. I will not compromise my personal integrity and allow such mis-management of water treatment take place.

I always ask for an independent water test by a reputable testing laboratory to best determine just what needs to be done to produce clean Pure Water.

This independent water test requires a sample of your water (collected in a sterilised container) to be sent to a water testing laboratory. This is done at your own expense.



We will however discount your treatment installation by the test amount should you wish us to install the recommended treatment system.

The following links are just a few of the water testing laboratories that I would recommend you consult for an independent water test.

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